Butterfly Room

Butterfly Room

The Butterfly Room is led by a highly qualified Room leader who excels at organisation and harnessing great team spirit. She is supported by a team of well qualified, motivated and experienced staff, most of whom have been at the nursery for many years. We are very fortunate that we retain staff for long periods of time, including a practitioner in this room that has been at the nursery for 23 years! We are so proud that our staff can give consistent quality care and work as their own little family unit. Our aim is to ensure children can become the best they can be and are fully equipped to begin school. In the Butterfly Room we have an adult:child ratio of at least 1:4 or 1:8 depending on the age of the children. We often have a higher ratio than legally required in the nursery to ensure we can support our children in the best possible way.

The room contains areas of continuous provision which are open ended, promote imaginative play and independence in a more challenging way than the provision in the Caterpillar Room. For example, children can access their own paint from paint dispensers, creative area resources from clearly labelled shelves and a range of tools and natural objects in our dough station. Our practitioners enter children’s play and teach ‘in the moment’, ensuring they create learning opportunities from a moment of wonder or interest. Children are far more engaged

with their learning if they are involved in something that they have chosen rather than being taken away from their play. Children are observed throughout each session and next steps are generally taught then and there. Each child is a Focus Child each term and, in partnership with parents, their learning and development is unpicked and next steps are established to ensure they are achieving their full potential.

During each session children in the Butterfly Room have freeflow, where they are able to access the outdoor area whenever they choose and then participate in a group activity at the end of the sessions. Snack is also organised as a snack café, which is open for a significant part of the session and children have the choice about when they have their snack. This ensures that they have long periods of uninterrupted play and are in charge of their learning. It also prepares them for school, as many Reception classes run in a very similar way. A lot of work is put into effective transitions, both for children moving into the Butterfly Room from the Caterpillar Room and for children starting school. Our Butterfly Room practitioners are all familiar faces as they will often play with the Caterpillar children in the garden and know them all by name. This, along with settling sessions in the term before they move into their new room, mean that they are well supported as they grow their wings to become butterflies! We have good links with all our feeder schools, many of which we welcome into the nursery during the term before children start there and our staff also sometimes, at the request of schools, attend visits with the children. We ensure that our communication with teachers, and the information we pass on, provides them with a clear picture of each child which can be used to support their transition and starting points for learning and development. We use the Famly app to communicate with parents throughout the day including what they children have eaten for snack and meals and any other significant information about toileting, nappy changes or sleep times. The Butterfly Room staff pride themselves on the excellent relationships they build with our families as well as our children. They continue the wonderful work that is started in the Ladybird and Caterpillar Rooms and take their role as educators and care givers very seriously, wanting every child to leave them prepared as well as they can be for their new school adventure.

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