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Ladybird Room

The Ladybird Room is led by one of our highly qualified and experienced Deputy Managers who is supported by a small team of well qualified, experienced and caring staff. All our staff have had experience of working with babies or specific training for working with babies. In the Ladybird Room we have an adult:child ratio of at least 1:3. Our aim is to support families and their children to settle into nursery life and start their learning journey with us. This begins with a home visit or online call and continues with an open-door policy, where staff are always available to discuss concerns, achievements or just have a chat.

The room contains areas of continuous provision which are open ended, promote curiosity and independence, such as treasure baskets, cosy areas and spaces to sit, crawl, cruise and walk. The purpose of effective continuous provision is to offer children a constant environment that is safe for them to explore whilst challenging their learning. It also allows children the freedom to explore and become independent in making choices.

Our equipment and resources are chosen carefully to ensure they are well suited to our youngest children. We have sleep pods and mats that enable safe sleep (and are suitable from birth) and our changing units promote independence as our children grow. We have spent time researching the best environment for our Ladybird children. Our lighting in the room is zoned to allow for sleep and play and our colour palette is carefully chosen to help children feel stable and relaxed. Most importantly the provision is designed with our current children in mind; their interests, strengths and areas for development.

We use the Famly App to inform parents about sleep times, bottle feeds, meals and snacks throughout the day. We observe children as they play and learn and build a story of their journey with us in their individual online newsfeed. As well as this we make regular observations to enable us to unpick each child’s learning and development in detail and use information from home to plan for the best learning experiences at nursery.

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Children in the Ladybird Room have access to the outdoor area throughout their session, determined by individual routines, how settled they are and the group’s needs. They have access to their own area of the garden which promotes active learning and plenty of physical challenges!

We believe the journey to school begins from birth and that each phase of their early years is critical in setting them up to become confident, independent learners. We therefore promote independence within our Ladybird Room, where children are encouraged to signal when they want to sleep, access their own family leaves and cups.

Food and milk at nursery will be discussed during induction. Our meals are provided by The Professional Nursery Kitchen and are perfectly designed and balanced nutritionally for our youngest children. We use information from parents to ensure the food and milk at nursery reflect what is provided at home.

The Ladybird Room staff pride themselves on the excellent relationships they build with our families as well as our babies. There are regular opportunities for parents to engage with nursery life through workshops and our practitioners are happy to discuss concerns or worries at any time.

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